would like to meet you people online sometime


Would like to meed you all on whats app my number is 9820461103. cause it will be great to know great software's great developers. your software has been a pleasure to use though whatever happened , let bygones be bygones am happy with your decision of refunding me my money in full. THANKS A TONE.

Hope to see more in therms of great software's coming out from you all , will always be a fan of your software. just 1 request cant 1 unit of your software division of sales and support be started in India 24/7 , for us Indians where we can call and get support service and sales without being on email or even chat with the team in case issue arises, this is just a suggestion.

Now coming to the point can i become your beta tester and reviewer of your products for Indian region. No charges will be applicable to you all just have to provide me the latest software with changelog file to compare the difference and current price and if any offers are running .

Once again THANK YOU all there No hard feelings .

Alzex Number 1 Fan.

Chetan Saxena