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Workaround for syncing android with PC WITHOUT Cloud Service on the pc


Maybe its useful for someone:

I have AlzexFinance running on android (Smartphone) and on my Windows-PC in the LAN, Data stored on NAS. I dont want to have Google Drive or Dropbox installed on the pc, because i need to manage several AlzexFinance databases.

I solved the problem by installing Foldersync on the smartphone, with 2 installed syncs:

Sync1: syncs Alzex database from Google Drive (Smartphone-Account) to a temp folder within android.

Sync2: syncs Alzex database from this temp folder to a folder on the NAS within the LAN.

AlzexFinance on the pc is then synced via the normal LAN-Sync Function of Alzex with this Database on the NAS.

Its a silly workaround but it works with 2-way sync. But i hope a direct android to lan-sync will be added soon...