Windows Version: Extra Fields - Custom field #3 - Autofill function

Dear Alexandr:

Despite you've stopped updating windows version of Personal Finance Pro, it is still very much in use and remains to be one of the best software programs of its kind available.

I have one small request that I wish to be included with next update whenever it would be available.

- In Extra Fields section of a Transaction there are three custom fields. Custom field #1 gets automatically populated whenever program finds, suggests and inserts transaction it considers similar. But Custom field #3 remains empty.

Example: My Custom field #1 is "Country"; my Custom field #3 is "Company"; whenever I make a purchase of the same product that already exists in Personal Finance Pro database again, field "Country" is automatically filled correctly, but field "Company" remains empty, making me roll back to the last purchase of that product and copy/paste a company's name manually.

  • Please make so that data which is to be written into Custom field #3 would get automatically updated based on earlier transactions just like it does in Custom field #1.
Thank you in advance, with best regards,


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This bug is fixed in the latest beta-version:


Thank you a lot!