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using saving/budget android

How do I add a saving in adroid version?

Is that possible? Whats is difference of budget?

Or just help me with that:

My problem is that I have budget for 'X' that is adding $100 monthly for 4 months and I spent $100 only yet, that means I have $300 budget for X.

But now I want to add monthly $80 and add with the $300 that I already have for X. How do I do that?

Thank you!

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is that clear? why taking so long for a response?

still can't use the most important feature I paid for



Maybe this helps:

Logicalwise this could be done if you add a planned income every month with $80.

But since Alzex does not calculate positive (income) entrys in budget, the workaround would be to add a planned expense every month with $-80. This works. But very unlogic.. I am complaning this issue since a long time.


Thanks for your help Elsbett!! but I didn't understand how would work to be honest... :)

But fine, I'm back to excel to control my categories budgets for now.

It's just weird that the admin answer all the other topics but not this one... very disapointed