Using Alzex Premium for Android

I have bought Alzex Premium for my Android Tablet and I love it. Is it possible to print a report of my transactions from my tablet or import my transactions on my computer in a format to open with Word or Excel or ACCESS to print them ? I have bought that application to enter my expenses when I am traveling.

Is it possible to save my file on another name (save as) to use it each time I will travel.

I can access my files on my tablet. I have tried to find the file I have created, but I can't.

I don't use your software on my PC because I want to manage my Securities and my budget with the same software and I can't do that with your software.

Thank you for your answer,

Andre Bellemare

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Unfortunately this is not possible. You can sync with version for Windows (or copy database file to PC) using Dropbox or Google Drive cloud service.