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Good afternoon

I bought the iOS app on iPhone and I am delighted, now I am testing the Windows version and I really like it, I plan to acquire it too, but I have a question.

The update is not in real time? Does not the app and the PC version update automatically?

I would like to enter notes with the iPhone and automatically see them in the PC version, is this possible?

I have seen that the only option is to dump the data on the iPhone or the PC manually, is not it possible that this is done automatically?

Thank you

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You can use Dropbox or iCloud to sync data between iPhone and PC. The sync is fully automatic.

After the first sync on the mobile version, there is a folder named Alzex Finance will be created in Dropbox or iCloud. The copy of your data base file will be there. Download this copy to your PC, open it and then setup automatic sync with copy into Dropbox/iCloud as it's described here:


Thank you very much, now I understand it and the synchronization works.

A suggestion that is missing:

An option to consult an extract of a specific category

Thank you !!