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UI improvements and investment handling

Hi. I currently use AceMoney, but have been looking into alternatives. I like some of what I see in Personal Finance Pro (graphs, etc), but there's a few deficiencies I see that would keep me from switching over.

The biggest issue is the Transactions dialog. Ideally, I'd like to be able to enter all details of a transaction using just my keyboard (text -> TAB -> text -> TAB -> text -> ENTER). Right now, I can't do that. The Category and Payee fields in particular require use of a mouse. If you look at AceMoney's transaction dialog, the Payee and Category fields are autocomplete textbox/dropdowns. Also, as you type in a payee's name, the rest of the fields are filled in with the number and category from your last transaction with that payee.

Another UI tweak that would be nice would be to simplify some of the vertical whitespace use. In particular, lists like the Category list use a whole lot more space per row than the text actually needs.

I don't see any investment tracking in PFP. I would definitely want to be able to do some basic stock purchase/price/total tracking.

If you were able to make some of these changes and additions, I would be able to consider switching to PFP.


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Check new live search feature in v5.5, now you able to select category, payee, etc using keyboard only: http://www.financessoftware.com/news/2013-10-20.html