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I have used AFP very successfully on my windows laptop for a long time. As I wanted to start using the sync option a lot more I have just upgraded to release (Home). OK so it installed fine but the look and feel has so changed from my v5 version. I use the "Transactions" page a lot and what I am seeing now, for me, is a backward step away from the clear colour differentiation between income/expenses/transfers and what used to be excellent use of colour & spacing per row to make it easily readable. It is now more like a compressed spreadsheet display rather than a developed and styled app.

I expect it will run fine and I will have to get used to the new minimalist style but just had to pass on my thoughts.


If there is a setting somewhere that fixes this then I would have to apologize as so far it has escaped me.

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I Have Already written that i would also incorporate a Color distinction again in the Software.

Alexandr could install it separately.

mfg Thomas