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'Split amount' function

Hello Alex,

after paying with mastercard, only one amount will be registrated on my bill. I can add that one amount as spending to the budget. How could I later split that amount to smaller spendings / parts?

Just an example: I bought some things for 1.235 $. I would just add this amount as spending to the budget on the same day due to having no more time for the details. Based on the bill some days/weeks later I would like to registrate the details:

Milk - 155 $

Chocolate - 40 $

Cloth - 760 $

Bread - 280 $

With the current "Add split" function deviding selected amounts later is not possible. This could be done a kind of "Split amount" function.

What do you think about? This function could be merged with the current Split function (or just added as extension), maybe can replace the current solution.

Thank you,


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Good idea. Probably I'll add it in v6

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Good idea. Probably I'll add it in v6


Thank you, I guess this function would be useful for others as well!