Sincronización a través de Google Drive


Quiero sincronizar solo a través de Google Drive y no con Dropbox. ¿es posible?

¿por que no esta la opción de sincronizar con Google Drive de la misma forma que esta Dropbox?

Google drive da gratis 15GB mientras que Dropbox solo regala 2GB.

quisiera que ponga la opción de sincronizar también con Google Drive me siento obligado a usar Dropbox y pienso que deben dejar que el cliente tenga la libertad de escoger con que nube desea sincronizar.

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You can simply put your file in Google drive and work with it simultaneously from different devices:

There was sync through Google Drive just like Dropbox, but it worked awfully. Google Drive has many bugs, it can simply stop updating data. It also has some “strange” features like possibility to have several files with the same name in one folder. It’s API is complicated and buggy. All this makes it completely unusable.