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It will be nice if we can save Report templates.

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OK I am new to the program, and must say I really like what i see. It is easy and make sense,

My Opinion is is the reporting secvtion

It lacks losts of futures.

i reasntly had to convince my renatal Agent of my Payment made.

They had a big problem with myaccount them self.

as it include three type of Payment

1. the rent

2. Electricity

3. Parking.

and of corse interest chages and admin charges

Now I would have like to be able to maqke a had copy of the print out of that payments in the form of a statment you normaly get in post from your creditors.

Same with other type of payees and of the income.

This is not in the program. It would have been nice to have,

I like to keep suck hard copies together with a file where all the necessary original documents is filed in. The contracts key deposit, Proof of remote receipts the statement from my creditors & debtors other correspondence est.

so it is not feasable to do a print screen. a nice formated hard copy would have been nice.


It would be very useful can save reports in various ways based filters etc ...