Restore from Backup

Hi, How do I restore a file from the backup?

In short, trying to set up sync to Android (Via G Drive), database has become corrupt so want to re-load from latest backup not saved file?? No option appears to recognize the backup files auto-saved weekly!

** Addition**

I did an 'open with' from explorer which worked but the figures don't match, appears corrupted still!

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Simply rename the file: remove .backup and date from the end.

If you use any cloud service to sync data, you can restore one of the previous versions of any file, see help for the desired cloud service to learn how.


Many Thanks, unfortunately whatever old file I use, the data is wrong.

Old reoccurring transactions and loans that were deleted have been 're-input, I'm having to manual update 8+ accounts to correct this for over 5 years of data. Very frustrating! I can see how this has happened from a pure algorithm view, but a pain non the less!