Need Answer

Recurrent transactions

Hello! New at this forum… I search for a tip for my need but I was unsuccessfully.

The vast majority of my expenses are recurring (means … are the same expenses that occurs repeatedly in the same way).

I go to the supermarket store three times a week.

This generates 3 similar tickets (just different value) to get into Personal Finance.

For this expense I report to Personal Finance as follows:

Payee: Supermarket

Family Member: Couple

Category: Food

Sub category: Supermarket

I need to inform SAME ALL information 3 times…

For each ticket get into the Personal Finance I inform:

Payee = Supermarket,

Family Member = Couple,

Category = Food

Sub category= Supermarket.

Ideally, after completing Payee = Supermarket, Personal Finance software should fill (or suggest) the fields

Family member = Couple and Category = Food/Supermarket, at least…

If Personal Finance does that, I don't know how to do it. Any ideas?

Thanks and Best wishes,