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Recurrent transactions

Hello! New at this forum… I search for a tip for my need but I was unsuccessfully.

The vast majority of my expenses are recurring (means … are the same expenses that occurs repeatedly in the same way).

I go to the supermarket store three times a week.

This generates 3 similar tickets (just different value) to get into Personal Finance.

For this expense I report to Personal Finance as follows:

Payee: Supermarket

Family Member: Couple

Category: Food

Sub category: Supermarket

I need to inform SAME ALL information 3 times…

For each ticket get into the Personal Finance I inform:

Payee = Supermarket,

Family Member = Couple,

Category = Food

Sub category= Supermarket.

Ideally, after completing Payee = Supermarket, Personal Finance software should fill (or suggest) the fields

Family member = Couple and Category = Food/Supermarket, at least…

If Personal Finance does that, I don't know how to do it. Any ideas?

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An answer, please!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would say use the copy transaction feature and just update the date and amount every time you want to do this.

Do you really need to setup payee and family member like that for these kinds of transactions?

I use groceries category and just enter the supermarket name; food category is used for dining out and fast food.

Payee is used for bills (electricity, water etc).