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Reconcile - do not reset unreconciled transactions to uncleared

When reconciling transactions, the status of any unreconciled transactions is set from cleared to uncleared, leading to these transactions not affecting the balance. I suggest to change this behaviour, so that the status of existing transactions is not changed to anything other than "reconciled". Transactions with status "cleared" should keep their status.

The current behaviour causes issue, because as I am entering transactions, they are entered with status "cleared" and they affect the account balance. However, when I reconcile the account, some of these transactions may not have hit the bank yet. The rec changes their status to "uncleared", therefore not recognising the cost against the account balance. My account balance rises to match the bank, although my register in Alzex is more up-to-date than the bank and was showing a more up-to-date account balance. But the rec function is incorrectly leading the account balance to be less up-to-date, although matching with the bank.

I would ge grateful if this change could be considered.


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Sorry, but can I please bring this request back to the surface. I think the current functionality does not make sense. The status of transactions not marked as reconciled should not be changed. I would be grateful if you could consider this change. I would think it should be simple to implement.

Many thanks