Portable Version Bug?

Hi Alex and others.

I'm a heavy user of Alzex PF portable and yesterday was making some changes at the history of my database. Basically transfered data from one account to another thinking that I could delete this account later.

So, at the end I saw that the that isn't correct (I did something wrong) and try a lot of ctrl+z, but it stoped working before the change i want to undo. So, no problem. I did a daily backup at PF and restored the last usual version of my db.

When restored, I add the transactions that was missing at the table, them closed PF Portable. So, the data I already added was duplicated. I deleted the duplicated data, saved again the database and the last data was "triplicated".

So opened the Portable PF at my another pc and It opens the data triplicated too.

So, at this second PC, opened the database file backup again, and added the transactions. That's working fine!

Now, the problem is on that first PC that I did a lot of ctrl+z commands, when open the actual base (that is ok), it shows the triplicated data. Note that the folder I'm using to open the software is the same at a Google Drive, but in one pc it works fine, and another it didn't.

I think that are something at the regedit or somewhere else that add this data when open the PF at this PC. How can I restore the PF Portable only for this machine, considering that the Software I use is working fine at another pc?


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Probably you should use sync feature instead of open file in cloud directly:

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Probably you should use sync feature instead of open file in cloud directly: