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Option to have Categories tree "always collapsed".

I would like to see "Categories Always Collapsed" option in your program (functionality similar to like it was in early versions).

Even though many users prefer the state of categories tree being remembered to last state, when manipulating with categories and tags, etc., I would personally prefer to expand my categories tree from scratch every time when I input my expenses or open categories lists. I'll try to explain: my categories trees have many subcategories and once I get to subcategory needed everything is fine, but when I am inputting another expense from another category, I always have to collapse previous trees first, and only then I can find, expand and input the new one.

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You can type category name (first few letters) in description field to quickly find the category, or use search field in categories list for the same.


Thank you for your quick reply. Yes, I know it is possible, however the method I suggested would be more convenient, than searching and typing. I'll try to explain why:

1. With all of my categories and subcategories, especially in tags section, I often do not remember, how I called, for example, a certain shop or whether I have ever been to that shop before and whether it does or doesn't already exist in the database. Like Grocery Stores, when I go down the tree, I see the list and I either choose one or see that a store with such name doesn't exist. But main problem: many tag names, especially that I don't use often (like on vacations), I don't remember. Also I could have named it differently before: i.e. it could be car or it could vehicle... so trees are essential here and search by words and letters is assistance but not the solution that would substitute the organized hierarchical navigation.

2. I often have the same categories names, but in different branches. For example: Spare Parts can be in Home Appliances, Car, Computer, etc. sections. If I would search "Spare Parts" by words, there would be the high risk of making mistake and write expense to the wrong segment.

3. Because in early versions of your software, trees were always collapsed, I hope that it wouldn't be that hard to implement such option. To me, with tones of categories tree branches and similar names used within those branches it would be the real help if "always collapsed" option would be implemented.

Thank you in advance.