New version 6.00.5182

When I update to new version and after activating it goes to Demo. I try the follow instruction send by Alexandr:

"Simply open your file in Google Drive, no sync is needed."

"Find your file, it should be in Documents\Personal Finances folder, if you didn't move it somewhere else."

"Simply open your database file: main menu File - Open"

Nothing work and the Icon that in pin in the taskbar when used shows to 2 hypothesis "Open a data base or Create a New File". The first use asks for the activation code.

When I use the pfd file it works well (the new version is beautiful) but the shortcut from this file works once but does not synchronize.

Can anybody that uses the new version help me?


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HelloRemove "Open this dialog on startup" tick and close the Demo dialog. Then open your file: main menu File - Open