Multiple Devices - IPad and IPhone

Do I have to purchase the program for both my ipad and iphone to use it in both places? I have it on my iphone and laptop currently and they are synced through dropbox. I added the free version to my ipad and snced that one as well, but it is only the free version and I cannot add any more transactions from the ipad. Do I really have to buy the application separately for the ipad when I already paid for the laptop and iphone versions? Thanks!

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You don't have to buy app for each device. If your appleID the same on all your devices simply tap Restore purchases button to remove all limitations.


Buen Día Alex.

Adjunto la imagen de error q me arroja la aplicación Al Restaurar compras.

Debo Decir q la Aplicación me venia Funcionando en el celular anterior Y Cuando el Realice el respaldo no me deja Restaurar las compras.

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