Under Consideration

Manage Stocks Portfolio

Hi Alex and others!

I have an idea that I think it's make the easy to control the stocks portfolio.

Now, when I buy some stock, like 100 papers of PETR4 (Brazil Stock Market) I make a new entry at the software as a new Income like:

Value: -20,21

Quantity: 1000

Sum: -20210,00

Taxes: -10 (brokarage and others costs)

NOTE: I use negative values, because it's easier to manage the account than make an expense and incoming.

And then, when I finally buy again this shares, the entry is like that:

Value: 20,90

Quantity: 1000

Sum: 20900,00

Taxes: -10 (brokarage and others costs)

And at the category I can see how are my trades and portfolio.

So the suggestion is:

Make Alzex PF accept entries with quantity as negative. If I do so, I'll see my actual portfolio as the quantity on negative value (because I did only the buy), and the trades will be a sum of a zero quantity.

If I wasn't clear, please ask me again.

If anyone has another suggestion on how to use Alex PF to manage stock portfolio please tell me too