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Loans (préstamos in Spanish versión)

I currently use Quicken, is the most complet but at the same time the more complex software to have personal finance under control. I have these days testing your pro version,

what I like most over Quicken, is that Personal Finances Pro look easy, intuitive, is nearly enough, all you need,

but I miss a bit of more detail on the loans area, It would be good (may already exist and I have not discovered it yet) to have the possibility to have the net amount of the loand, on every monthly payment, on expenses of course have the total you pay (we pay net + interest) and it changes every month because the interest is calculated according to the new pending capital of the loan, but have it separate on one side record the total as expensse, but on the other side on the loan, deduct only the capital paid, but control also what you pay for interest,

At least in Spain, when you have a long time loadn, a mortgage for example, the interest is reviewed every 6 or 12 months, it would be nice to have the possibility to keep this record, recalculating the new monthly payment, and keep the historical evolution,

just an idea, maybe too complicated

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I join this request, emphatically.


have been reviewing in detail the functions of the program in the TRIAL

version, in order to decide whether to migrate all my financial

projection to Alzex. It is phenomenal.


it is in the handling of loans (in and out) where there is a lack of

flexibility (variable rates, periods for reviewing rates, indexed rates,

loans with monthly payments ONLY for interest, free subscriptions to

capital with recalculation from it, etc.)

It only considers loans of a single final payment or of the monthly flat rate type according to a fixed rate of interest. That is a tiny part of the current universe of loan management, even for personal finance - not as a business - as is my case.