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Latest Windows Version (5.12) requires new licence!!

I have just updated to the latest Windows version and now the program is telling me that I need a new licence as my '1 year of free updates' has expired.

There have only been precisely TWO updates (not including V5.12) since March 2015 and none at all in 2016. I hardly call that good value nor good support from the developer(s).

We were promised V6 at the beginning of this year and that still appears to be some far-off distant pipe dream.

I guess I'll start looking at alternatives (again) as I won't be paying for a third time and receiving very little in the way of updates!!

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The update is paid only for those who bought the app in 2014 and earlier. There were several updates since that time. And because currency exchange rates aren't free anymore we have to take money for the updates.


Like I said, I'll go elsewhere and as for 'several updates since 2014', I count a total of 3 between March 2015 and August 2017 - hardly 'several'.