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Lack of user friendly How to training


Since I'm recovering from debt one of the features I liked in this software is "Loans" - it's giving my whole perspective. I can see whole picture and track progress.

Yet when it comes to "How to use this software correctly" - there is very big gap! :S Really! Maybe this software is for professionals, for those who know already accounting or personal budgeting and that's why ALZEX software don't have a some training or how to do budgeting etc.

I think you would have bigger audience if you also gave regularly some seminars or wrote more articles for regular people - who want to use your software but they don't know actually how to do budgeting.

Great example is YNAB - they have a lot of Webinars, discussion forum etc.

I know you have "Manual", but it's more like features oriented, not user oriented.

So, my suggestion, is to create some discussion forums where user could discuss how to budget, how to implement this software in daily scenarios. And also if you/your company could develop some Webinars or, write more articles how to budget, track expenses etc.

There are only 5!! articles about "how to use" and they are more conceptually about money and finances.

So I really hope that there could be some some solutions fer this situations - where litle man what to master personal budgeting.

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I agree even tech support re directs you to manual. Creat soon help videos perticulary on setting up a budget