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I just bought your wonderful piece of software (Win and Android for me and my wife), and I am really happy of it.

I used for a lot of time Acemoney, but it is no more in develop, except for some tiny (and useless) features.

But (ok, yes, a bit of "but(s)") I found some features of Acemoney absolutely essentials. This is the list:

1.Create a new scheduled transaction starting from a regular transaction

2.The scheduled transactions "follows the time" and I can't register them only when I want.

In Alzex at the midnight of the due date of the scheduled transaction (not Virtual), the transaction is automatically registered.

In the same scenario if the transaction is "Virtual" then the due date is automatically moved at next due date.

In this way I risk to loose my bills due dates. (I can use tasks and events, but I don't understand why I have to register twice my schedules).

3.If I click the "." (point key) of the numpad, I would like Alzex write the "," (comma char). In Italy this is a MUST.

Acemoney and Excel, for example, do this

4.I would like to save reports by name with all of their filters, groups and parameters, so I can use them quickly later

5.The multi-modify system is great, but why not changing the account too?

I hope to see these small features in the near future!

Keep up the good work,



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1. You can choose certain date or set schedule while you're creating transaction.

2. Set transaction status to "Uncleared" and clear transactions later.




I am trying to learn Alzex, and it is better every day and so on.

1.Yes. You are right, I'm sorry. I can say more: if I copy a regular transaction, then Alzex shows me the "Schedule" options, so I can do my job the same way I did in acemoney.

2.Yes, again. I am trying this solution and I think this is the right way (In overview page the uncleared transaction are shown on top of the page, great!). I have to change my mind in this case.

ps: any preview about version 6.0?




Not yet, we're working on it.


2. Defina o status da transação como "Não liberado" e libere as transações posteriormente.

Não localizei essa opção de transação "Nao liberado", é possível informar como acessar essa opção.

Desde já agradeço.