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Just came from Microsoft Money, and here are my thoughts

Hello all,

I've used Microsoft Money since 1998, so for almost 20 years. In that time span a lot of data gathered in multiple accounts. After Microsoft decided to abandon it's great product, I wanted to switch to some other product:

Firstly there was Quicken as foremost contender at that time. But, Quicken doesn't support my character set (Central Europe), and shortens notes field so this wasn't an option.

Next came Gnucash, MoneymanagerEx, and countless other applications, but they had mostly one thing in common. They couldn't parse QIF data correctly, hadn't multi devices synchronisation and not to mention split transactions, it's science fiction for some.

Then I move to Moneywiz, which could handle QIF data and splits, but it's slooow (I have over 30 accounts, some have 5 to 10k transactions in it). So, I had to forget it.

Finally I found Alzex. Importing QIF data was a breeze, couldn't believe it was so easy. So I could successfully transfer my test data and started exploring. Oh, I have to mention again that viewing and synchronising data across devices is heaven for me :)

And now to less exciting matters:

Reporting is basic, much too basic. Microsoft Sunset from 2008 could still be the benchmark for all the other apps, including Alzex. If that could be upgraded, and reports (data) could be exported, Alzex would be the perfect app.

Also, adding transactions in Desktop Windows application is too much relied on mouse, some keyboard shortcuts would be nice.

Other than that I'm still exploring Alzex's features and possibilities, and I like the working logic behind this application.

So, those are just my two cents for now. Keep up the good work guys, you have much potential before you.


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Thank you for your feedback! We'll improve reports in future versions.



I could not agree more with the previous commenter.

I've been through almost the same path (Quicken, Gnucash, MoneymanagerEx, HomeBank,


In fact I've been considering to invest in Alzex for a few years now as it has

some very strong points, however, what mostly discourages me is:

- too basic reporting (no ability to save reports, cluttered value labels etc.)

- very few usable key shortcuts (it's not even possible to OK the transaction

entry form after making some changes with ENTER or for example CTR+ENTER etc.)

This and some other interface aspects make the program a bit too clumsy to use

on daily basis.

- a bit worried about the lack of windows app development with all the focus

shifted to the Android app

Nevertheless Alzex still appears to be a very decent software package in comparison to the


Best regards