Just bougth Alzex last week but can sync android entries to Alzex Desktop

Just bougth Alzex last week but can sync android entries to Alzex Desktop.

I'm using Google Drive.

Please help me !! It's very disturbing. The entries I record from android still there. I have to delete them and record them again from pc. The sync from pc to android is working well.

Thak you.

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Google drive sometimes doesn’t work fine. Dropbox works much better - try it.

After the first sync on the mobile version, there is a folder named Alzex Finance will be created in Dropbox, iCloud or Google drive. The copy of your data base file will be there - simply open it. Or download this copy to your PC, open it and setup automatic sync with the copy into Dropbox/iCloud/Drive as it's described here:


How can I update the title of the topic? I wrote "can" instead of "can't".

OK. This is what I did before getting your answer.

The file on Google drive wasn't on the Alxex Finance folder. I deleted it and I copied the file from the local folder of the PC to the Alzex Finance folder of Google drive. And I opened it from the phone and the dual synchronisation started working.

Thank you for your answer.


I bought pversion for pc, should I buy also premium version for Android to make synchronisation working or it should do already with basic version for android?

Thanks in advance for your answer.



OK, when I go to describtion about cloud connection and press on Android link I got 404 Error.

Maybe it seems straight forward, but I can't siimply make it work. I bought it almost month ago and can't get any help. Quite funny support.