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Just A thought

Hi all and dear Alexandr,

Thank you for android version , even though i feel cramped up with keyboard as phone is 5" only. But feel just like android we could have a cloud version where we can see our bank accounts in real time and this could be full fledged with multi currency with an smart currency converter with a graph of last 2 days. for commercial version this will be great as licence key will be needed to create id's to login online but limited to 3 only and additional can be purchased for Home version up to additional 6 licenses and for commercial up to 20 licenses which could be useful to people who dont use android or apple phone but use button phone which are 4g enabled like mi or jio or who only want to use laptop or desktop or web base edition in order to avoide any bad thing like virus in system or system malfunction or phone or pc auto formated due to master boot record vanishing / or buying a new pc or new harddisk or new installation of windows 10 on windows 8 pc could save hassel as all will be online and will do accounting in real time. you can make current version go scotfree from activation by finishing multi currency value upregade from time to time which is expensive. and though it will have all currencies listed we can use only 1 as default to do account like usd gbp and inr only inr will be default and will work. this can be such that it can be reinstalled multiple times with out the serial key : people will pay the amount for for home and commercial but these will be only 6 months ot upto 1 year free upgrade like 6 months for home and 1 year for commercial. at a price which you decide . after buying the software there willl be a key which will be needed to download respective versions by registering on respective sections Ie : home and commercial . and these files could be used for installations on multiple pc 's or pendrive belonging to the purchased and once setup is done he can use it and feed his account as compaired to simlar softwares yours is dam easy. As of date atleast 405 of my facebook friends have started using it and licensed it as i just put to try alzex finance visit alzex.com and they asked my openoin on whats app and i told go for it . and your windows version

will get same look but a new home in cloud businesses will benifit , homes will benifit like if my pc fails we can go to a cyber cafe and do accounting there as all is on browser. and place where we cant install software there too we will have an access by by talking to admin and using it online. your

alzex finance 6.1 will go to 6.2 which means no seperate for mac pc and windows pc license can be purchased from apple or windows store , and as long we have same id it will work but limit to 3 pc or mac as additional can be bought. once a user leaves we can go to to that pc and login with admin id password and remove him out of by clicking help --> remove user thus resetting the key for 1 user

on your system or under help --> edit user and change user password and name and id . this will be a great help to all as no multi currency so at a very nominal cost commercial people and home user could use it and if additional features like billing for commercial is required Migrate to cloud at a special discount price . this will reduce the dependency of the key ( 3 limits and then ask to reset ) and will avoide hassels for development of 2 seperate versions for mac and windows as it will be on cloud .

for installable version or portable version for home or commercial license there could be or may not be any upgrade as ammount charged is very less. then at a discounted price people can move to cloud. your existing users can be given an option to move to cloud after 1 year of use or if they feel thry can go on lifetime non upgradable version instantly by going to link and entering there user id and password which they created for support on support site to login only new thing will be that this will ask for serial key which came at tie of purchase and give a disclamer of this version not being upgradable but licensed for life with email support only and no multi currency rates as cloud will have a chat support and multi currency live updates . in help --> about it will say Home / Commercial in licence type only thing will be that there will be Non Upgradable will be mentioned in brackets, people who opth for this should have a license existing and once migrated can upgrade to cloud only. as your page for purchase will be same only thing when i click on upgrade license link on your site then i will pay to 2co.com and a new key will be sent to us in email for the same with your activation link mentioned in it .

this can be used in p,laces where the pc's are slow and not compatable with internet like widows xp or windows 7 pc where all support has been shut down by microsoft. as in india laptop is an expensive affair and people still use old pc's or laptops which have windows 7 or windows 8 installed . your accounting can reach every home in my country this way young people can learn to manage finance on there pc or laptop along with there studies.

Please have a look at this and think and discuss with your team if you all feel this is usefull then implement it .

Warm regards

Chetan saxena