Under Consideration

Ideas and Problems

1- It is not a good idea to remove Revenue, Expense and transfer icons. This Property must be added.

2- In previous versions, the icon was added. Removed in the latest version. This feature should be added.

3- Lifetime update sales should be made separately in the sale of the program.

4-Credit card menu should be added.

5-Loan, borrowed and borrowed part is the most useless part. This part must be corrected. The worst part of the program.

6- Windows and android syncronization is experiencing problems.

7-Installment motion additions are experiencing problems.

8- You make updates too late.

9-It should be cheaper for users to buy updates.

10-When all are selected in the time range selection, future actions do not appear.

It should appear in future transactions.

11-Android version, sometimes income, expense while adding the date can remain inserted a day or two before.