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On my computer I have two partitions. A "C:\" where Windows is installed, and "D:\" where I keep my payment vouchers and other documents. Always when I pay an account, I keep the payment voucher as an attachment in the financial management program and save the PDF file from the voucher to a folder in the "D: \".

My computer was very slow, so I needed to format the drive "C: \", but I left the "D: \" with all the payment vouchers and everyone is there. Now when I entered the financial management program, he lost the files, but the files are still there, in the same "D: \" drive, in the same folder.

How do I prevent this problem from occurring again if I need to format again or buy a new computer? If the files were saved in the Google Drive would the program always recognize the directory?

Thank you in advance.

You do a great job, I love your program.

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Is the drive letter still D:? Check compare path to the file in the app and actual location of the file.


Yes, the logical drive letter is still D:\. I thought about leaving the drive D:\ and put the vouchers in a Google Drive folder to test.

I have a lot of transactions with payment receipts.