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Extra calendar schedule

He is

very good. I'm glad the program, and I'm glad for what you offer to our fellow

men. Good for you . A thousand thanks.

I think it would be even better in our personal everyday life and it

would be a good thing to create another monthly diary like the microsoft .


include data from the timetable that we will add to them according to what

suits us. And personal information.

To be

able to divide it into extra diaries that include payments from banks,

electricity, cars, etc.


will show us if the account has been paid or simply outstanding or simply if it

was paid incomplete.


by means of it, we could have better information about what we have to pay for

the next few months.

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You can use Events and Tasks feature for this (you can switch calendar to show events): http://www.alzex.com/help/events-tasks.html