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Hello there. I am considering your product to replace my 25 years old Excel file :-)

I would like to know what type of database is your product based on (Firebird?) and whether I could plug it to my own reporting system (based on PowerBI). I would need the standard user/pwd that the product uses to access the database (provided it is not access protected, of course).

Thanks in advance.

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So, as I have not had a response during these days, I am presenting more clearly my question:

Does the product have a real database in which it stores the information? I have seen that the PFD files are 'ALZEX DBE', but I do not know if this is a completely propietary, custom developed database, or it is something that I can plug from a standard connector (for instance, via ODBC).

Specifically, I would like to access the data without the need of the application interpreting / decoding / mediating the access to the information. The application should provide the finance management functionality, but the underlying data should be readily accesible.

Thank you.



This is proprietary data format. You can export data to csv, qif or text files: