Under Consideration

Customization of categories and views.

I have bought 2 financial programs.

I really believe that the 2 are at the same level, out of respect I will not say the name of the other program.

Just clarify that I've decided on Alzex, because it has an application for windows and one for android, which I need a lot, being that the other program even when it has a very beautiful interface and is highly configurable and efficient, only has version for android .

Who wants to manage their finances on the cell phone while having a TV screen on the computer.

Alzex is very good and efficient, but some restrictions prevent me from ordering my finances in a more comfortable, flexible and appropriate way.

The categories are the heart of this programs, they need to be more flexible with them and provide their clients with a more flexible way of adapting the program to their needs, in this case, the finances of my company.

Thank you very much for your great work.

  1. An image says more than a thousand words.