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When I find I have made an error to my SAVINGS ACCOUNT where I have coded as an EXPENSE and sent the expense to my CREDIT CARD. Both come out right in totals but it should have been a TRANSFER. So I delete both entries one in Savings and one in the credit card. Then I go back to savings and make a new entry and TRANSFER that AMT from savings to the to the credit card.

That to me should reduce the savings and also the credit card. Credit card turns out right BUT the amount is added to the savings total. What am I doing wrong.

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When I make the error and make an Expense in My Savings Account for one of my and pay my Credit Card. It post to my credit card as INCOME.

When I take that same entry in My savings Account and change it to a TRANSFER to my credit card to correct my error.

So it leaves the entry in Income and I have to delete it manually. Not a big deal now that I've worked it enough. Just a jab on the INCOME/EXPENSE/TRANSFER, there really should be a way to close one of them and not have it keep opening up each time I try to work with accounts. Thanks