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Can't figure how to sync with Android

I'm using this software for months. Last week I bought Home version to have it also on Android and to sync it with Android.

So far everything ok, but can't find a way how to sync it with Android. If I start fresh on Android it give me a sync window, but nothing happened. So I press skip and went on empty version. After I press sync it make a directory and file on my iCloud. But when I replaced this file with a file from my pc - nothing happened. So I press sync again on Android and it made another file with the same name on iCloud.

I know it should not be a rocket science, but it doesn't work. Also if I press Sync with android on help page I got 404 error.

Please help,

Thanks in advance.


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So, this is it. I bought home version and still can't sync it with mobile. I thought this would be a place where I can get some help regarding issues that I have and not some voting pool where I can press I like this idea.

It is not about how likebly would be my question but about getting some help for version that I bought.