Cannot use custom icons please fix

I used the portable free version to test out software and i like it but struggling to get custom icons to work.

1. I found folder where the main ico file is so i tried to put an icon in that place with ending ico but nothing happens. I created a folder and put the icon in and nothing happens. I name it 001.ico but nothing happens.

I think it would be easier if you can put in files types like ico, png, jpeg into a folder and then it loads up? It works well with keepass and its free too! :)

You also do not need to change its name so if you can leave the name of the icon instead of naming it 001 that would be very helpful!

Thank you so much and this is better then quicken and moneydance!

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Each ico file must contains two images of sizes 24x24 and 32x32:

Look at the sample icon in the folder.


I have looked at the example but still error in portable version. There is no folder in my document cause its not installed. Could you possibly update it so you do not have rename file to 001 and just can add icon or jpeg files of a certain size please? Keepass has this and its very good! and its free!


With the portable version look for a folder labled "Data", open it, inside you will see a folder labled "UserIcons" put your ICO files in it. The ICO file has to be created using a image editing tool like Gimp. One layer will contain an image 32x32, the second layer will contain an image 24x24. Save or for Gimp, export, the ONE file as whatever.ico

This is what I did to get custom icons to work and I am using the portable version.

Hope that helps