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Budget and Saving on same page.

Good Day

I would propose 3 modification in budget folder.

- Is it possible to have Budget and Saving together on same page (budget folder).

- to be able to filter if it is budget or saving or to have no filter and then to have both on page

- to have the vu date on top of page

please see picture

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It will be interesting to see all budget in one page and to be able to print it.

I can also be interesting for adjusting budget if there is cost and refund.

for example medical cost:

I will pay for doctors and medicines but insurance will give money back. So globally I have for same month some cost and some refund in same category.

I hope you will understand my point .

Best Regards

( it is anyway the best program I know for managing my personnal finance)


Try to enter refunds as expense with negative amount. What is "vu date"?


1 ) ok negative value for refunds are taken and it works. Thanks it will greatly help me

2) for vu date see picture. maybe keeping the round button to jump to today date but it will be nice to now what month/Year is in used on top of page.

thanks a lot for your replys


Ok, understand now.


I use "Savings" to register Revenues only, and "Budget" for Expenses.

As a matter of fact, it would be nice to see both Revenues and Expenses on the same page, the "Savings" (if any) would be their algebraic sum.

Thank you