Hello Alex,

I am VERY disappointed. Borderline illegal and blackmail tactic.

Your License policy, on the purchase page just under the buy button, clearly Sates: Product may be used indefinitely after purchase.

Then I get an email saying:We're sending this message to remind you that Alzex Finance Pro subscription will expire on 2019-01-14. You will not be able to continue using your product unless you renew your subscription before its expiration date.

I figured it was just a scare tactic, but decided to let it expire just to see...

Well, guess what, I cannot access my data anymore!!!

I can understand that you charge a yearly fee for updates (which I will add is very reasonable) to further develop what seemed to be a very promising tool. Although I must also point out last update was 2017.

I am now NOT able to access my Data, and that feels like Blackmail!!!!

Luckily, I was using this software in parallel to quicken, and so I have my data available elsewhere.

BUT, I was starting to recommend your software to friends and colleagues.

I am now actively warning them against using your software.

You may want to revisit your way of doing business which feels like Blackmail tactics.

A very disappointed customer!

Or, am I missing something?


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License is lifetime but updates are free for one year only. You don't have to renew license if you don't need future updates.



(1) why does email say: You will not be able to continue using your product unless you renew your subscription before its expiration date.

(2) why does the software no longer load on android phone, nor on windows 10 desktop?

Am I missing something?


1. It's standard renewal notice from 2checkout (formerly Avangate). Unfortunately I can't change it's content.

2. What happened exactly? Why you can't load the app? Does any error appear?

BTW version for Android is sold separately.



1. Very unfortunate you cannot change the notice. I assume I am not the only one for whom this will leave a bitter taste.

2. It just would no longer load correctly/completely. I have already uninstalled the software. I will reinstall when I have some time, and get back to you.

If it was just a coincidence it sure was very unfortunate.

3. The Android version, I was not yet using a whole lot, but because of the email I have been checking it regularly and it worked fine until middle of January. Then it stopped loading and stopped updating as well.

Again, if it is just a coincidence it is a very unfortunate one.

But the wording in the email from 2Checkout is the sure cause for making me feel there was something very fishy about all this. I very strongly suggest you find a way to change the text of that email. I cannot believe 2Checkout would not give you that option. And if they do not, I would insist!!!

I will give the Pro version another chance.

I really liked it, and I had been considering it as an alternate to Quicken, which has in my opinion become buggy and cumbersome.

I will get back to you with my success or failure, but could be a couple of weeks. Things a bit hectic/busy at the moment.

I will give you this for now, at least you are responsive to customers concerns.

So, two thumbs up, for that.