Android version for Huawei

I was using an Alzex finance Android Premium version. Now I get myself a new huawei smartphone. However, because of the sanction politics of Google, huawei is banned from Google services, including Play market, which makes it impossible to keep my activated android premium programm, or even buy a new premium version. But I need a premium program in order to synchronize with my laptop. Do you know how I can get myself a Premium Android Alex finance on Huawei? Are you planning to download the Azex finance into the AppGalery, which is a Huawei's program service?

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It takes some time and resources to integrate separate store in the app, assuming such store exists in Huawei AppGalery. If not - we have to integrate our own payment system and copy protection. For now it looks like waste of precious time. Maybe in the future, if there were much more users...