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Android automatic sync?


I am currently under evaluation should I invest in Android app or no (I am paid desktop user). What I have seen till now, I will probably NOT be investing. Because one main reason - automatic sync issues?

I setup automatic sync with Dropbox but it is not really working booth ways ok. When I make some edits and changes on Android, then I do get the changes and if I open desktop application it all looks ok for now.

But when I do some work on desktop (where I do most of the planning and editing) and close it (automatic sync is setup ok on desktop) and then I open Android application, in the application nothing changes automatically - but I need to go and press manually SYNC NOW button. This I don't like.

Is this known issue? Or?



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Sync happens when the app goes to background (when you switch to desktop or another app).


Hm... But whats the sense then? I do all changes on desktop, and then at some time my wife opens the app on android, and she doesnt see true data because the sync will hapen when she gets out of the app?


P.S. I do understand what you are saying and I understand this is how the application is working. I will add one new topic as an kinda change request, wish... Thanks for your good work...