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Hi Alexandr,

Greetings to all

I know i have troubled you all a lot . I do appologise for that

I am an Elder brother from another mother am 43 yrs not so good with

handling software but my advices are like Stitch In Time Saves 9. Iwill go order

wise :-

1) As my wife must have told you about activation of license's like once a person has expired his 3 licence activation and

It can auto reset the counter again by the user loging on the support site and under the his name below API Settings can be a tab

where once clicked they can check there number of activations used and remaining, abd if it has expired limit then they can reset it there,

But this can only happen once in a month. Lets say they have 2 tries or 1 try remaining and want to reset the counter , reset button

will be grayed out,. Only when it says number of tries reached or expired and cant activate only then the button will be active

to reset counter and when reset button is grayed out in number of activations used and remaining valu will be 0 and message

will appear Maximum Number of activations reached please click RESET button to reset the tries to 3 activations. and this is once a

month feature provided person is in limit and but may have more than three to 4 members whth thosemany machines. And once 3 online activation

is also over they can send in an email to support with there serial key and mention the reason. After studing if you feel reason

to be genuine then reset the counter .

2) You could use preactivated software where setup like other software is free from the key and setup of software as normal and pendrive usage is direct

and it is called licensed but for upgrades there will be a serial key like key which can be inserted in software in under help and can bbe called upgreads

cause the license will contact your server and then once verified then it will move to upgread site as verification on server will letyou all know which type

of licence it is and then it can be directed to appropriate section on the site for upgread. But limit will still be 3 per purchase for upgread. for more he needs

to buy additional licences. and very nominal rates.how ever packge can be uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times but the rule of licence key based upgread remains

the same for all ( 3 systems 3 upgrades per licence). More than 3 upgrades on 1 licence user needs to get additional licence's by making purchase same way as he does for

the software from your site only thing on your purchase page two more section of additional licence can be added ie home and professional.

3) At the time of renual this he will enter the key in renual section under help or email the key in the email to whome so ever responsible and get his yearly service

renued. if these method is followed things can be more easy.

4) If activation is kept the same way by entering the key, and once activated gray out [enter activation code] . So no body can see there key and copy it and use it .

I feel even if installed on more than 3 systems it will not be applicable for upgrades and multy currency converter also will be inactive with no service which will be 25% off on additional licenses

Ie: Home version was $24.95 cause you already have 1 license additional will cost $18.71 same way Professional version was $39.95 and is now $29.96 and he can also upgread the licence like while he is using

home can opt for professional only thing will be a direction to paid site where he enters this key and upgrads and gets

pro version and installs it by removint previous version and using same database work done. These are some of the solutions You all could use to avoide resetting the counter from your end

and hence can avoide multiple mail requests for the same readon.. Software is awsome.

Ps: can i be your beta tester for Mumbai reagon of india. and can also do a review in news papers and channels for you all for free as i know some press reporters and editors.

If it is possible do let me know on chetansaxenab@gmail.com

Thanks for being patient on me .

Take care and be in good health.

warm regards

chetan saxena