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An Idea after usage and discussion

Dear People

Greetings of the day ! Hope all are fine in here ( owner and family and staff and famly) of Alzex.com. And hope for the same

for all the users too.

Today on a small discussion on zoom call with my 15 coligues and Staff's who have there day off today, in the morning on

18/06/2020 at 9:00 Hrs We

Came to a conclusion as they got android and apple software of Alzex Finance and 30 days trial version of windows version and

using it, we felt that beside 2co.com we could put the sales of license version on microsoft store as 99% people are using

windows 10, and for linux buyres could go through alzex.com and buy with 2co.com and android and apple on there respective


But we felt windows version needs to break free from 3 activations which can only be done online,

Here I present some solutions for it :-

1) Microsoft will give the cloud version online on the store with a link to the cloud platform ie: sales

with e-mail coming to buyers with a serial key and thankyou note.

2) Activations remain same 3 in total for 3 family members home version or 3 for 3 staffs for your a commercial version,

Additional licences can be purchased at special price for home user and commercial user both. When we register online for

an account profile (User Id And Password ) our serial key with our email id will be utilised , if your computer detects 3

key usages on the 4 one it days to purchase additional license and provides us a link to purchase.

3) This will be a new era in Home based or commercial Small businesses ( stitching or small cake shop etc...). With new look

and feel and more added features in reports ie: spread sheet type so my complete transactions can be printed section wise

, lets say i only want to print grocery report only from the sheet i can select the coulm for grocery and print it . and

for commercial we could add simple invoises just like the one which comes out of credit card swipe machine, With shops

name address and number with item quantity and ammount any gst vat or any tax and total ammount due. With auto entry for

the same in software.

4) Here we could use multi currency (which we dont use in india at all) as all transactions are done in rupees only. Like

currency conversion and multi currency billing.

5) Your old and recent users could Be migrated by reseting there counter and making 3 cloud activatins free again. By doing

this we felt that it would not let our licenses go waste due to some or other system error's ( like re installations of os

/ Upgradation of os from 7 or 8 to windows 10, a virus attack , a disk boot falure or a hard disk falure or where we are

buying new system) . And because of cloud version we will be free from system bondage like a key locked to that system

and reset of counter Cause as we have interner 24/7 we could use this any where on any browser and any windows or linux or

andriod Tab or ipad. as we just need to login with id and password and as long our key is linked with the cloud we could

use it. For commercial user once an deactivates an user from his cloud the additional key could be reset and ready to use

again or if thats is not possible from developer then he could change the id and password by going into user management

Menu of the software. This way you pay anual fees for usage and support but incase you dont reniew you will not get any

new Features but you can add additional licenses. Or if annual feed is put it could be nominal 40% discount as multi

currency and conversion is chargable.

6) Now back to installable and pendrive usable Alzex Finance Pro 6.1 this could be made totally free with unlimited entries

and all commersial features wirh access for just 3 users to login to database and work upon it 1 admin and 2 users is

limitation for unlimited users migrate to cloud , this packge will be free ware (




You may not use, copy, emulate, clone, rent, lease, sell, modify, decompile, disassemble, otherwise reverse engineer, or

transfer the licensed program, or any subset of the licensed program, except as provided for in this agreement. Any such

unauthorized use shall result in immediate and automatic termination of this license and may result in criminal and/or

civil prosecution. ) . as you wont need to bring out regular updates which would resuld in focussion on software only and

not the versions like seperate for apple mack and seperate for windows pc, so no hecktic development or betas will be

needed as it will run on all devices,

Developer of this could de activate the licensing key based activation and multi currencies ie getting automatic rates

here user goes to any site and gets the rate manually and puts it in multi currency , however user will have rights to

seletc 1 currency related to hsi contry which is to be used for accoiunting.

7) Lastly not the least for cloud based packge we could have a chat support for commercial users as business has a time frame

of operations and need quick responce But home users will only get email support, This can be in get support menu under


The full functional free version 6.1 will give ofline accounting but cloud will open new doors for users who are using home

license and want to go commercial like startig home based grocery store coild email at support@alzex.com or could visit

online with there existing key and pay additional and upgrade only thing is that they will get new key and old account and

key will be deactivated and ask them to migrate and will ask to put both old and new keys and done . With same id and

password user is commercial. this will bacically allow not to carry any pendrive based software or a install as a user might

be on someons mack when on a holiday where windows based software doesnt work or the widows pc where he is using has virus

can spoil his pendrive for ever making it useless like in our case.

Those who dont want to invest in cloud and yet have full functionally of the software can download a setup of alzex finance

6.1 Pro (which has all commercial features activated but with limitations of user access of nopt more than 3 to 4 , Not

mopre than 2 to 3 priojects, limited to adding 4 family members, 50 events and 20 budges with upto 10 payees with 30 tags.

Hope you all will think upon it and not let our discussion and hard work we have done to get these to your attention go to waste.

Form User Please do comment as to what do you feel

Warm regards

Your sister

Rajani Patel

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Just an update

Cloud version could allow us to link and see our bank accounts in real time and manage transactions in real time and every one will like to pay if they get this service . as this can be chargeable service included in licence fees of commercial and home provided separately with additional charge as an upgrade.