Under Consideration

About Split transection

This program everything’s fine but Split transection.

1.) Why it should be defined as single or split transaction in the beginning? In some scenarios When user enter a transaction. They won’t know that transaction should be splits. So that they have to edit again. In this time. It’s impossible that “user should be add an transaction again” in this program. Could you correct this issue as pressing a button in the “Add transection form”?

2.) I’ve import CSV which I’ve got the answer that “It’s no method to define a split transaction from CSV file. I have to make a QIF to fulfill this program.” But QIF doesn’t have “Time value” in transection. It’s so important for me for tracking. So. I thank i can do this manually after data imported to desktop version. So could you modify this? The operating method like select the transactions and right-click -> “combine in split transaction “ something like that.

Thank you very much