Under Consideration

A good budget option missing...

Hi Alex! As an entrepreneur I am understand that always is necessary to hear feedback from our customers.

For this reason it is that I dedicate my time now to communicate an important decision.

It makes me sad, but I'm going to have to abandon using Personal Finances.

As already mentioned the feature of being able to have budget by category is basic in any program to manage personal finances.

Your software does not offer this basic option to start a budget. Many free software offers this option at least budget by category.

I understand too, that offer this option is not within their priorities and I have to accept this.

You agree that the current budget option is complex and difficult to understanding.

You comments that will be included in upcoming release an enhanced version of this budget feature.

Your product is very good, but you must to agree that a personal finance software at version 5. X does not offer a basic budget option is unforgivable.

Please, before leaving your product do you have a prediction of when this function will be available?

Thank you for your time.

Best wishes. Néstor.