Personal Finance Pro Windows version updated

Made few optimizations - large databases (especially large categories, payee, family members and projects lists) will work noticeably faster. User reported bugs fixed.

Download version 5.8

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I am an old user of Alzex Personal

Finance software (from 2010) and I'm very satisfied from it. I would like to

suggest two improvements:

[1] An option to delete descriptions

from the "description table". Since I am using the software, the

description table become full of describes that aren't relevant for me anymore.

I need to dilute the list. I required an

option to delete describes from its table and another option to replace deletes

describes that are registered on old financial actions with new and authentic describes.

[2] A warning

before disruption a successfully matching records: bank/ Finance

software. It happens usually by mistake, like when writing wrongly a new record,

or making an unintended modification of historical records in the software.

I required an option to confirm a successfully

matching records bank/ Finance software. Then, any action

coming after that confirm that change the matching - will display an alert before confirm the record or close the software. .