Beta version for Mac OS

Alzex Finance for Mac OS, beta version is available now. You can download it here:

Open your existing database in iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive and work with it. To sync data simply save the file (File - Save or cmd+S). Tap "Sync now" button in the mobile version of the app to update file in the cloud. Automatic sync doesn't work yet.

Available features:

  • You can add, edit and delete transactions.
  • Most cells in the table are editable.
  • You can drag transactions to the category or split.
  • You can drag an expense transaction into the income group and vice versa.
  • Transaction window (popover) can be detached: simply drag it and OK and Cancel buttons will appear.
  • Click on the table header (right mouse button) to show additional columns. Columns can be reordered as well.
  • To add category simply enter its name in the correspoding fild in the transaction edit window.
  • You can drag one category into another as well as transactions.
  • Undo and redo function also available: menu - Edit - Undo or cmd+Z

Waiting for your feedback, bug reports and ideas!

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Great news! and the best unexpected but long awaited New Year present! =))


Kindly provide the missing features. But it syncs well with iOS. thanks