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No longer synching between Android and Windows PC


I use Alzex predominantly on my Samsung Galaxy Note 5, but also have the Windows version installed on my PC with Windows 10.

The Android version is set to sync to Google drive and the Windows version is set to sync with that service as well, but the Windows version will simply not pick up changes to the file now no matter what I do.

Are there known issues?? I have tried manual synching as well as Auto, but it just doesn't work any more - it use to, but not now.

This is incredibly frustrating.



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Hi Phil

My experience is, that the sync only works if the second database is a copy from the first database, as i understand there is an internal ID which must be the same in both databases. If doing so sync works quite well in my case (except of autosync in android which is not really working).


Try to use Dropbox, Google Drive sometimes doesn't work well.